Styling Oversized Denim


Photos courtesy of Brandon Cobian (@brandoncobianphoto

I’m back again with another favorite item in my closet: my oversized denim jacket. We’ve been seeing this trend for a few months now, but I find myself reaching for it even more since the weather is a little less brutal. I also find myself wondering how I went so long without an oversized denim jacket in my closet!? I’ve always had my fitted one, which is great for certain outfits, but this oversized one works for almost everything.

Oversized denim jackets look great with shorter dresses, black or different shades of denim and a blouse, a more casual look including a t-shirt and leggings, and so many other outfits. I basically throw it on over everything to give my outfit an added touch. I paired my jacket from Forever 21 (not available online/explore their options here) with a caramel colored faux suede shift dress (old from Forever 21/similar one here). I then added black platform booties from Target (not available online/similar ones here). The jewelry I featured is Kate Spade.

Again, this is just one example of how to style an oversized denim jacket. It took me so long to find one I was in love with. If you’re having trouble finding one you like, try looking in the men’s section at stores like Forever 21, American Eagle, or Nordstrom. Since the men’s sizes are bigger, a regular denim jacket will be oversized on you! Let me know if you want to see other ways I style this jacket. Stay tuned for some exciting posts in the next few days! ♥

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