Hi, everyone! It’s definitely been waaay too long since I’ve written a blog post. Between starting my senior of college, working constantly, and moving into a new apartment, my schedule has been so busy. However, it’s officially a new year for me, so things are about to change. That’s right, I’m now 22 years old (insert obligatory Taylor Swift lyrics here). I’ve decided that I’m going to spend this year really focusing on the things I care about and want to pursue career-wise. That means this blog and my YouTube channel. So stayed tuned! I have some really exciting projects lined up. Let’s dive right in!

I’ve developed a huge obsession with denim in these last two months. I just think it’s such a great transition piece for fall. Denim can easily be paired with anything, whether it’s jeans, a jacket, or a skirt. You can also delve deeper into your creativity and find trendy ways to pair denim on denim. For this specific look I knew I wanted to wear my new denim skirt from H&M (I purchased it when they were having a huge sale so I’ve linked a similar one). I love that it’s fitted and distressed at the bottom. I wanted a fun, casual outfit so I chose a Zara striped t-shirt with patches (I’m obsessed with it. You can find similar ones on their website). Lastly, I really wanted to make use of one of my old denim jackets from American Eagle. Since the denim of the jacket is a little lighter than the skirt, I found that they went really well together. I find that to be the key when pairing denim on denim. It always seems to look better when the denims are different shades but similar styles.

I’ve been so inspired since I created this outfit. I really have developed a huge obsession with denim for the fall. I’ve already added more jeans and an oversized denim jacket to my closet that I can’t stop wearing. Denim can help balance out an outfit and it can also help add something to a simple look, as well. I know people have different opinions on denim on denim, but don’t let them stand in the way of your vision. Don’t be afraid to style denim in ways you’ve never tried before! It’s so much fun!

Yours truly,


The photos in this post were taken by the incredibly talented Brandon Cobian. Be sure to check him out!Β Instagram: @brandoncobianphoto



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