Summer Lovin’ with FYND Fashion Boutique

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you have some fun plans full of pool floaties and trendy one pieces for the holiday. I have extremely exciting news to share with you all; I’ve recently teamed up with FYND Fashion Boutique and I just had to show you all my favorite piece. And you can get 15% off online or in store on full priced items using the code “KATIE” at checkout!


How adorable is this strapless jumpsuit? Lately, rompers and jumpsuits have been my go-to outfit, but the perfect one is difficult to find. Thankfully, they’re not too hard to fynd if you know where to look.

FYND is the perfect location for all of your summer fashion needs. It’s located in the SODO district in Orlando. The boutique is fun and colorful with a bunch of unique finds. I really enjoyed the time I spent exploring the store, especially when I found this jumpsuit. It was love at first sight. However, I truly thought I wouldn’t be able to wear it because I’m too short. I’m here to tell you the stereotype that only tall people can rock jumpsuits is completely false.


Nick and I were going to brunch so I thought this would be the perfect outing to sport my jumpsuit for the first time. I mean, what goes better with brunch than a new outfit? I decided to pair the jumpsuit with Kate Spade heels (and an artisan latte), which created the clean and simple look I was going for. I absolutely adore the wide pant legs and breathable fabric because it makes the summer heat more bearable.


So pour yourself your own cup of coffee and get comfortable because you’ll be exploring their website for hours. Don’t forget to use my discount code “KATIE” when you find new pieces that are better than your summer fling!

Yours truly,


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