Spring Break: What to Pack

2017-03-10 03.14.03

Who’s ready for spring break!? Drinks on the beach? Tan lines?

Just kidding, we all know I’m all about that SPF and protecting my skin. And I don’t really like the taste of alcohol (but I will be getting my hands on a piña colada at some point). However, I’m SO ready for spring break. This semester has been kicking my butt, so I’m thrilled for a week with friends in Palm Beach Gardens.

Packing for a trip can be tricky. I hate when I overpack, but I also hate feeling like I don’t have enough options. I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of things, so I decided to share with you some of the items I plan on bringing on my week-long spring break trip. The biggest key is planning. Don’t just throw everything in a suitcase. Go over how many days you’ll be gone, the types of activities you’ll be doing and the weather. I know I’ll be spending a lot of time outside at the beach, on a boat, exploring the city and probably sweating (thanks, Florida heat). I’ll be keeping it casual and fun for most of the days and I’ll include a few nicer items for going out. Here are a few clothing items and accessories that I think are essential for a spring break trip:

1. Tank tops. These are essential in the Florida heat. Opt for something lightweight. Nothing’s worse than sweating and having a heavy fabric stick to your skin. Go for flowy tops, you’ll be much more comfortable.

2. Sundresses. These are probably my favorite thing about springtime. You can throw them on, add a pair of sandals and you’re all set! They’re also great because you can dress them up  or down. Switch into a pair of heels  in the evening and you’re ready to go out to dinner without having to change into a new outfit.

3. Shorts. High-waisted, ripped, printed, whatever your heart desires. Obviously, denim might get a little annoying if you’re going to be outside in the sun all day. Sweat and denim are not a fun combination. Try bringing a few pairs of rayon shorts. They’re lightweight and usually come in adorable prints. They’ll create even cuter outfits.

4. Sandals. Shoes meant for warmer weather are my absolute favorite. All you need is a brown pair and black pair and you won’t need any other shoes for your whole trip, I promise. They’ll match everything!

5. Hats. This is another essential item if you’ll be out on the water or by the beach. Not only is it important to have extra sun protection for your face, but they can easily tie an outfit together. And when you’ve stayed up too late hanging out with your friends, it’s an easy fix for unwashed hair.

6. Lazy clothes. It’s such a bummer to go on vacation and not have anything comfortable to wear around the house or hotel room. There will be times on your trip when you’re just hanging around. Whether it’s after a few hours at the beach or after dinner, you’ll definitely want to have lounging options for movie or game nights. Go for some slouchy tees and leggings.

7. Clothes for going out. It’s pretty embarrassing to be that tourist who didn’t bring nice clothes for going out to dinner. And it’s so easy to create appropriate outfits that are still comfortable. Try an off-the-shoulder flowy top and a pair of lightweight or ripped jeans. Maxi skirts are also perfect for nights out. Throw on a high waisted one and crop top. You’ll look suitable for a restaurant and also be complacent because there’s honestly nothing cozier than a maxi. Or refer back to #2 for something even simpler.

I hope these tips help you with packing for your trip, and I hope you have a wonderful time wherever you go! Also, keep a look out for a new video from me on my YouTube channel. I’ll be showing you how I style looks for a spring vacation in these upcoming weeks (https://www.youtube.com/katierynn). Lastly, thank you for coming to my blog, the support means the world to me!

Yours truly,

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