Beauty Products for Spring


Hi, everyone! I can’t believe it’s March already. This semester is going by so fast. We’re only a few weeks out from it “officially” being spring and I couldn’t be happier! Spring is a time for change, so I’ve decided to try some new beauty products. These are some products I’ve fallen in love with this past month, and I thought I’d share them with you.

First, we have one of my favorite perfumes, Eau De Toilette Vanille from Anthropologie. Now, I usually go for cleaner, floral scents for the spring but as you can tell by how little is left in the bottle, I keep reaching for this sweeter scent. I constantly receive compliments when I wear it. It’s a delightful scent that sort of smells like cookies, but not in an overpowering way. I’ll definitely be picking up another bottle when this one runs out!


Next up is the Mineral Fusion moisturizer. I guess you could say I bought this on a whim. I was going out of town and was in need of a moisturizer with SPF since I was going to be outside and makeup-less. I was searching through Ulta when I came across this. The ingredients aren’t harsh, it contains vitamin C and it’s 100% vegan. These factors were all highly appealing to me, so I decided to give it a go. I’ve come to fall in love with it. It’s pretty tacky, so I’ve found it best to warm it up with my fingers before applying it to my face. It instantly makes my skin feel moisturized and sun-protected without it feeling too heavy or greasy. I definitely recommend it for these upcoming sunny months!


This next product is probably my most favorite. I used the It Cosmetics CC Cream a few months back and rediscovered it in February. I had forgotten how amazing this stuff is! It’s the definition of an all-in-one product. It’s full coverage and color correcting, contains an anti-aging serum, is paraben-free and has SPF 50+! Talk about a perfect product. It’s one of those makeup products that doesn’t make you feel gross. I can wear it all day long and I know it’s actually helping my skin. Supposedly, it helps to improve your overall skin texture and reduces hyperpigmentation. That statement is pretty believable based on reviews I’ve read and watched. I’ll keep you updated on any improvements I experience as time goes on, as I plan to wear this all throughout spring and summer. I don’t think there’s any foundation out there better for a Floridian.


Last but not least, Batiste dry shampoo. This product is life changing! My go-to dry shampoo has always been Dove, however, I got tired of the white residue left in my roots. I heard a bunch of YouTubers raving about this, so I decided to give it a shot. I was a little disappointed to find that they don’t sell the red head version at my Ulta, but the brunette one works well for my hair. After all, it really is just a hint of color. I don’t really even notice any color, it just seems way less white than any other dry shampoo I’ve tried, if that makes sense. I just work it into my hair with my fingers, brush it out, and voilá! It looks like I took the time to shower without actually showering.


I hope you enjoyed reading about these awesome products, and maybe you made a mental note to pick one up the next time you’re out and about. If you do, let me know your thoughts. Also, let me know what beauty products you’re currently loving so I can try them out!

​Yours Truly,

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