Shifting to Spring

While it wasn’t shocking to see ’70s-inspired trends hit runways for Spring 2016, I’m not going to downplay my excitement to see suede and fringe once again  for this upcoming season. Transitioning from winter to spring is always a little strenuous, especially for a Florida girl like myself. We can go from needing a jacket to needing sunscreen in the matter of 24 hours.

However, I enjoy this time of year because it gives me the opportunity to play around with new spring items. So how do we incorporate spring when the high is 73 and the low is 48? With this outfit, I decided my statement would be this faux suede mini dress in the color camel (Forever 21).


I love everything about this dress. The vibrant but neutral color,  A-line silhouette, and round neckline create the perfect piece for stepping into spring. Since it’s not officially spring and the air can still be a little chilly in the morning and late evening, I decided to pair it with an off-white oversized knit cardigan (PacSun). I love how versatile this cardigan is, I’ve worn it with all types of different pieces this winter and it always works. For this outfit, it helped keep me warm without distracting from the dress.


Personally, I think floppy hats are appropriate all year round. They go with just about everything and can add to any outfit, no matter what season it is. I chose to add this gray/lavender (depends on the lighting) floppy hat (PacSun). The cool neutral color contrasts with the warm tones of the dress and cardigan, but I found it very complimentary.


I then paired my outfit with these ‘Trolley’ ankle booties (Nordstrom BP). Saying I’m obsessed with these booties is an understatement. They’re pretty much all I’ve worn this winter, so I’m eager to continue sporting them as we transition into spring. They match just about everything and the burnished leather gives a rustic feel that I utterly adore. They’re also super comfortable, so what more could I ask for?


Lastly, I decided that my all-neutral outfit needed a little pop of color. I decided to go with a Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick by Too Faced (Sephora). These liquid lipsticks are EVERYTHING. They come in so many different colors and last all day. I decided to go with the shade Fig, which has a bright magenta hue that’s perfect for warmer weather.

Overall, I found this ensemble ideal for veering into spring. It’s effortlessly casual, comfortable, and stylish. Each of these items can be altered to work with either season, so putting them together forms the ultimate outfit for this time of year!

Yours truly,


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